Paying it forward

2018 Honoree: Carol Gulley

With a heavy heart we announce the 2018 TOFT pay it forward recipient as Carol Gulley. Carol is the wife of Ed Gulley (Tucker’s grandparents) who passed away after a battle with brain cancer. Read more…


2017 Honoree: Grayson

The 2017 honoree is Grayson, who has juvenile diabetes.


2016 Honoree: John Swertner

johnandkids Tee Off For Tucker was started out of love and support, and continuing with that premise TOFT has chosen Mr. John Swertner and family as our honoree for the 5th Annual TOFT Golf Tournament.

The proceeds from this tournament have always paid for treatments, medical bills, therapies for the Thayne Family or to assist other families who have found themselves with overwhelming medical costs due to an unforeseen circumstance. TOFT is proud to introduce John Swertner, who has Stage III Colon Cancer. John has undergone a major surgery and is currently on his 9th of 12 rounds of chemo. John has a loving wife Kathleen and 3 awesome boys, Johnny, Patrick and Cole. Together we can do anything. TOFT supporters are like no other and we thank them for their continued belief in our mission. We hope to see you all soon!

2015 Honoree: Kirk

kirk Tucker met Kirk, a young boy who was born with all of his tendons short; at just 2 years old, he has had 4 major surgeries already. It’s been Tucker’s desire to help Kirk, so part of the proceeds from the tournament this year will be donated to therapy equipment for Kirk.

Kirk’s official diagnosis is called Arthrogryposis. Which basically means he was born with tight muscles and joints. Arthrogryposis has a wide range of severity and Kirky had it in all his joints as well as bilateral (both) club feet and dislocated hip.

He started his serial casting at 7 days old, these casts were changed once a week for eight weeks. These were long leg cast that went from his hips to his toes.

He had his first surgery at 4 months old, where they cut and lengthened both Achilles tendons. After this surgery he was put back in casts for 8 weeks. The next step in his treatment was to wear these tied shoes that attached to a bar that was supposed to help with the angle of his feet and keep his feet at 90 degrees. This did not work for Kirk because the angle of his hips and knees. He was put into AFO’S (ankle foot orthotics) that were worn 24/7.

At seven months old Kirk had his Hip surgery that put his dislocated hip in the spot where it was supposed to be and his right Achilles tendon was snipped and lengthened again. Following this surgery he was put in a full body cast that went from chest to toes for 8 weeks. He was then put in a hip brace to help with the healing.

Kirk started physical therapy when he was 5 weeks old and since that time we go three times per week. At the beginning of this year he started seeing an occupational therapist for his hands and grip and they truly became like a second family.

We travel to St. Louis for his care now because we found one hospital there has a clinic for Kirk’s diagnosis. So this means he gets to see an orthopedic surgeon that deals with his lower extremities and the surgeon that deals his upper body all in the same day!

Kirk had surgery in March to have his femur cut and straightened with a rod put in, which he still has. He had a reconstructive surgery on his right foot and a pin put in and his left Achilles tendon cut for the second time. He was again put in a full body cast for 8 weeks. He recently got the cast off and the x-rays of his leg and feet look great. Kirk wears AFO’s all day every day in hopes to prevent the muscles and joints to go back to the way they were at birth. Kirk was just prescribed a gait trainer and everyone is very excited to get him upright.

Also Kirk has his first upper extremity surgery on his wrists on September 29th 2015. That surgery will consist of them taking a wedge of bone out of the wrist joints and casting him straight to get him to a neutral angle for better function!